What Dresses Should Junior Bridesmaids Wear?

alexan September 15, 2014
junior bridesmaid dresses

Planning a wedding is an exciting yet challenging work because it can create lots of hassles. You should not only choose the most suitable wedding gown but also choose the most suitable attire for mother of the bride, bridesmaids, and junior bridesmaids.

Even though this requires lots of works, you actually should do it willingly because your choice will significantly influence your wedding day. If you choose the most suitable wedding gown or bridesmaid gowns, you will likely be able to have a great yet memorable wedding. Thus, knowing what attire junior bridesmaids should wear is a must because their performance will influence your wedding.

Actually, there is no specific requirement about jr bridesmaid dresses. In most cases, junior bridesmaids wear a similar version of the adult bridesmaid dresses. In this case, even though the design is not exactly the same, there are two things that should be similar to adult bridesmaid dresses.

They are color of the dress and length of the dress. If adult bridesmaids will wear white dresses, junior bridesmaids should wear white dresses. If adult bridesmaids are going to wear long dresses, junior bridesmaids should wear long dresses, too.

However, jr bridesmaid dresses should be adjusted with the bridesmaids age. Because junior bridesmaids are usually 12 or 13 years old, they should wear dresses that are appropriate for their age. This means that junior bridesmaid dresses should not have a sexy design.

Junior bridesmaid dresses should be teenagers’ dresses that still show the cuteness of teenagers. Junior bridesmaid dresses should not have high slits or low cut necklines because these designs are only appropriate for adult. As an example, if adult bridesmaids will wear strapless gown, junior bridesmaids can wear sport capped sleeves.

Thankfully, these days, many designers offer a great selection of junior bridesmaid dresses so that you should no longer have any difficulty to find jr bridesmaid dresses. Entrusting your wedding designer to create junior bridesmaid dresses is the simplest and easiest way to get dresses for junior bridesmaids.

You just need to explain your expectation and let the designer to work to meet your expectation. If you are not sure what kind of junior bridesmaid dresses that perfectly suit your junior bridesmaids, you can ask your bridesmaids’ mother to give a recommendation. A recommendation from people who know the characteristics and style of your bridesmaids is certainly useful as it will enable you to make a well informed decision.

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