The feminism of Kay Unger Dress

alexan November 23, 2014
kay unger mother of the bride

Kay Unger is an American fashion designer. She founded a fashion designer in 1995 with the name Kay know Unger New York, This is a sophisticated fashion brand by continuing to redefine a classic style. Model clothing coveted by women around the world, her clothing models embodies elegance, and style and beautiful design. Shirt or kay unger dress design work is really showing the femininity of a woman. colors and models displayed are also diverse, we can choose the clothes that became our target.

The head office of Kay Unger located in New York City at the heart of the fashion district of Manhattan for more than a decade. Today, the brand continues to grow on the international lead by its CEO Rob Feinberg and a team of really talented designers.

Lifestyle subscriber inspiration for Kay Unger, who has designed dress is really comfortable to wear pieces that have. The model includes the use of clothing made clothing during the day and into the evening, and also models the fall and spring. Style seed of a Kay Unger New York is a model that featured clothes clean lines classic for any occasion. Making women around the world are so idolized draft Kay Unger New York for their style of dress, and of course it will make a style and confidence increases. Dresses offered not only a woman with a slim body, but also there are some clothing for women contains. Some celebrities also entrust their style on the Kay Unger dress like Vanessa Williams, Oprah Winfrey, Paris Hilton, Selma Hayek, Tyra Banks, Dakota Fanning, Hoda Kotb, Marcia Cross, Angela Bassett, Kathie Lee Gifford, and many more.

kay unger mother of the bride dresses

Clothes are displayed by Kay Unger is very diverse, for some daytime party dress – a unique combination of fabrics, with bright colors and strange designs become a favorite among customers, retailers and online media. In 2008 Kay Unger joined Nouveau Eyewear Accessories Company to launch an exclusive eyewear collection.

Using the Kay Unger dress makes us appear more feminine, the price offered is not too expensive, Kay Unger Currently has a lot of branches are located in all corners of the world, especially the Americas. There are even some that provide web design dresses from Kay Unger, like With the web as this will certainly make it easier for customers to see and buy this dress, without having to go to the store.

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