Stay Fabulous with Eyelet Dress

alexan September 16, 2014
eyelet dress tutorial

If there is one thing that happens to be the newest trend in fashion, eyelet dress has confirmed its dominance in fashion trend nowadays. A lot of women adore this elegant dress. You probably wonder what makes this dress become a favorite for them. Well, eyelet dress is the most possible choice for women who are looking for a dress that looks elegant yet still casual. The dress has incredible embroider that happens to be the wow factor of it. The famous public figure who makes eyelet dress happening is Kate Middleton. We can see how elegant she is with the dress. And that’s probably the reason why women adore it.

 Real Classy Eyelet Dress

Eyelet dress is perfect for your casual purpose. It is indeed the perfect choice for you who admire to look classy at all time. There are several tips to enhance the look of you with eyelet dress. If you prefer white eyelet dress to any other colors, then the best way to enhance your dress is by adding some accessories that have bright mint color.

Put a belt around the waist of the dress with a woven strappy coral belt to create an outdoorsy vibe. Complete your appearance by wearing one or two brown bracelet. For your information, white eyelet dress will be perfectly matched with brown or pastel colored accessories.

How about the footwear? Considering that a lot of eyelet dress is short, boots may be the right choice of footwear. The boots will add more contrast with the flowing look and femininity of the dress.

 How to Look Fancy with Eyelet Dress

Although eyelet dress looks more casual than you ever thought, you can still look fancy while wearing it. If you want to wear the dress in a special occasion like family reunion or going out with your special friend, a little effort in the accessories may be very helpful to make your dress even more stunning.

You need to search for an eyelet dress that has linings so that your underwear won’t see through. Choose an eyelet dress that ends above your knee along with semi-fitted skirt. You can get the advantage of shiny ribbons to belt the dress. Considering your body shape is very important so that you can make sure if this style is suitable for you or not; especially when your choice goes to a white eyelet dress.

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