Stylish and Sophisticated Dress Shirts from Robert Graham

alexan December 2, 2014
robert graham dress shirts 2014

Wearing a clean and neat dress shirt is important for a man. It will even make an average looking man looks more interesting. If you are looking for dress stylish dress shirts, you must take a look on the collection of Robert Graham dress shirts. He has wide collection of numerous men’s dress shirts choices. Some of his collections are simple with plain fabric and regular cuffs. However, they look elegant and sophisticated because they are tailored in excellent craftsmanship. Robert Graham also offers you with more eye-catching dress shirts with unique prints and color combination.

Robert Graham has launched men’s dress shirts since 2001. He is a talented designer that knows what style and design that will make a man look more attractive. In consequence, wearing one of his stylish dress shirts will make you feel more confident. Robert Graham is not only designing excellent dress shirts but he is also creating comfortable shirts. Some of his dress shirts are made of 100% Egyptian cotton. Therefore, you will surely feel comfortable wearing it.

robert graham dress shirt 2013

Robert Graham dress shirt collections can be worn to various occasions. If you need to go to the office in sophisticated and yet semi-formal look, you can choose the ones such as plain dress shirts or ones that have simple prints such as striped or tartan. You can match one of them with blazer or simply combine it with tailored trousers. If you need to hangout to your friend’s party, you can choose one which has unique prints. You can wear jeans to match it. This particular shirt will surely make you one of the most attractive catch in the party. Robert Graham also provides you with semi-formal dress shirts that you can wear to a formal occasion. You can wear a jacket over it to make your appearance looks more formal.

The dress shirts from this designer are available in various styles. If you are well-built or slim, you can choose the tailored fit ones. It will make your shoulder and chest looks wider. You can also choose dress shirts which have long sleeves or short sleeves. Some of them have two breast pockets. Some others only have one or none. If you want to camouflage an unattractive feature of your body, you can choose one that has bold and unique prints. The prices of the dress shirts from Robert Graham are varied. You can buy one of them only for $70 after a discount. But the original price ranks between $110 up to $300.

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