Tegaderm: Ouch! My Open Wound Needs a Dress

alexan November 23, 2014
tegaderm transparent dressing

Accident can happen anytime and anywhere and it comes unexpectedly. We cannot predict when and where we get an accident, any kind of accident. Can be assured that almost 75% accident causes wound. That number may refer to what is called an open wound. Let me define in brief the meaning of open wound. Open wound is an injury where skin is get torn, cut or punctured by any cause. Open wound has several classifications of wound depending on the causes. Open wound is classified into 5 major types; they are abrasion, incision, laceration, puncture and avulsion. Actually, open wound is considered as minor injury so this kind of wound can be treated at home.

We have a lot of ways to treat the minor open wound. People at most may do these followings to give the first treatment to the minor wound. The very first thing to do is by cleaning the wound with fresh water, and we can numb the wound and the area around the wound using anesthetic. The last is wrap or bandage the wound with sterile dressing. Go to the doctor is kind of a must If the wound needs to be stitched or requires some kind of deep treatment.

Talking about wound bandage or dressing, I would like to share about what is called as Tegaderm dressing. Let’s review a bit about Tegaderm dressing. Tegaderm dressing is a thin and clear elastic dressing which is functioned to keep or protect the wound from water, germ and dirt. This can be announced as a new medical invention of wound dressing, though in basically Tegaderm is the refinement from cloth bandage. Tegaderm is intentionally design to be attached on the skin. It will keep attaching until the new skin entirely sprout over the wound. The benefit of this wound dressing is to maintain the normal level of moist during the healing process.

Tegaderm is very easy to apply and use. Since Tegaderm is transparent so it might allow the users for precise placement and simple direct monitoring. People who experience skin trauma will take the benefit of using Tegaderm without being scared of the frequent wound dressing replacement due to the long term wear design.

Well, your open wound is now having far better dressing. Tegaderm will simply take care of your wound during the healing. We must thank for the modern medication technology, it has given us such a fascinating dressing for our wound. Be careful and stay saved!

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