Unique and Unforgettable Realtree Wedding Dresses

alexan December 20, 2014
White Realtree gown

Some women don’t want to walk down the aisle and say I do in a traditional white wedding dress. They want to make this very special moment more memorable with something unique and out of ordinary. One of the things that will make their wedding more special is the wedding dress. There are various choices of wedding dress types. One of them is camo wedding dress. Not many brides wear this kind of wedding dress. However, the camouflage prints and color combinations are very unique and eye-catching. Walking down the aisle in this dress will surely make your wedding guests amazed.

If you are looking for a beautiful and high quality wedding dress, you had better get a realtree wedding dress. This particular wedding dress is very attractive. The leaves and branches prints will be a perfect match if you have an outdoor wedding ceremony. Realtree wedding dresses are a bit darker in color than the traditional wedding dresses. The camo prints are usually in dark green, dark gray, and brown. It is usually printed over dark background. However, if you want brighter camo wedding dress, you can choose one which is printed over pink or white background. You can also choose one who has two fabrics combination such as dark realtree camo fabric and white fabric.realtree wedding dress 2014

The realtree wedding gown will not make you look less feminine. The patterns may seem a bit manly since it is related to outdoor activities and the army. However, the design of the dress is beautiful. If you want a subtle realtree camo detail, you can choose a white strapless wedding dress with camo trimming.  You can also choose a white wedding dress with realtree camo sash. If you want to go bold, you must choose a dark colored realtree camo wedding gown. This gown usually has orange or white trimming and sash. If you want to look more gorgeous and feminine, you must choose a pink realtree camo wedding dress.

Realtree camo wedding gowns are perfect for a bride who loves adventures. If you and your husband to be love doing outdoor activities, having a camo wedding will suit your personalities. You do not need to be in the army to wear a realtree camo wedding dress. The price of this particular wedding dress is varied. It starts from $400. But if you purchase it from a designer label, it will be a lot more expensive.

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